The Asset Management Council’s conference, AMPEAK20, will showcase World Asset Management Day on 21st April 2020 in Melbourne.

To whet your appetite regarding the exciting things that are happening in asset management around the world, in this article we’ll take a brief look across the Tasman Sea in New Zealand. Often the brunt of jokes about sheep or lauded for their Prime Minister, New Zealand is a country of green spaces, white-topped mountains, and rich, varied assets.


The City of Richmond, at the top of the South Island, is located in one of the most productive eco-systems in the world. However, its proximity to the mouth of the Fraser River leaves it at risk of rising sea levels. Presently, the city sits at one metre above sea level. The City provides drainage and flood protection for businesses and the local community and therefore owns assets such as dikes and drainage pump-stations. Upgrades to these important assets are necessary.

WSP was assigned as prime consultants for the civil, mechanical and electrical work behind the upgrade of the pump-station, designed to handle 2.3 times the rainfall intensity of the old station1. Other key designs to the upgrade include:

  • New motor control centre (MCC) and standby generator
  • New 600 V BC hydro power service
  • Communication and power connections between the MCC and new equipment
  • Raising dike crest by 1.5 metres
  • Landscaping the area for community benefit2

If you’d like to learn more about what’s happening in asset management around the globe, then make sure you attend AMPEAK20 in Melbourne, 19-22 April 2020. We look forward to meeting up with you there, and celebrating World Asset Management Day together.