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The Asset Management Council’s Excellence in Asset Management Awards recognise and honour success in asset management projects.


Nominating for an industry award is a great way to receive recognition for you and your organisation’s hard work and achievements in asset management. It’s an exceptional promotional tool for your company and will put you at the forefront of the asset management industry.

The Excellence in Asset Management Awards given in the following categories:

  1. Asset Management Innovation Award
    • Projects, products or frameworks that demonstrate new techniques or innovative approaches to asset management best practice at any or all of its life cycle stages.
  2. Asset Management Information Management Award
    • Projects demonstrating best practice techniques and originality in the use and management of asset management data in one or more of the areas of acquiring data, storage of data, representation/interpretation of data and using data for decision making. Software programs will not be considered.
  3. Asset Management CRP Award - Cost/Risk/Performance
    • Projects demonstrating the balance between the elements of cost, risk and performance to obtain a valuable solution for an asset.
  4. Asset Management Environmental and Social Value Award
    • Projects which demonstrate a solution to an identified community need which was solved through the use of asset management principles. Consideration of the impact on the people involved, environmental factors and profit or value derived to the community service or organisation.
  5. Safety in Asset Management Award
    • Demonstrates the use of asset management principles to manage safety better.
  6. The Asset Management Diversity Award
    • The Diversity category recognises and promotes the positive contribution made by organisations that demonstrate a holistic and long-term commitment to diversity within the Asset Management community. Some key characteristics of workforce diversity may include race, ethnicity, gender, age, religion, ability, and sexual orientation .

The awards will be presented at the AMPEAK Gala Dinner Awards Night on Tuesday, 20th April 2021.

Has your organisation achieved success with asset management projects? Submit a nomination today! Nominations are open until 5 March 2021.