awards 2021

And the winners are…

The winners of the Asset Management Council’s Asset Management Excellence Awards are announced. Here’s a list of the winners in each category:

  •  Rio Tinto, Asset Management Simplification Program – Winner, Asset Management Innovation Award

    Rio Tinto’s Asset Management (AM) Simplification program is innovative in its approach as it operates the ISO 55001 certified Rio Tinto AM System to manage an intangible asset ̶ a knowledge asset ̶ the Rio Tinto AM Body of Knowledge (AM BoK).

    The Rio Tinto AM Simplification program’s purpose is to:

    Provide the Rio Tinto AM Community with access to leading practice asset management information through a simplified AM Body of Knowledge to make good asset management decisions in the optimisation of asset risk, performance, and cost.


  •  Melton City Council, Asset Data Workflow: Project Completion to Visualisation – Winner, Asset Management Information Management Award

    Melton City Council (MCC) is one of the fastest growing regions in Australia. With a growth rate at almost four times the state’s average, Melton City Council needs efficient and automated processes in order to effectively on-board Council assets.

    The Asset Data Workflow project has seen a review and implementation of a number solutions across six phases of the workflow.

    These solutions involved collaboration with external software developers, Council working groups, internal development of skills to improve automation through SQL scripting and the design of business intelligence dashboards to create a live snapshot of the state of Council’s assets.


  •  Essential Energy, Assets Strategy Project – Winner, Asset Management CRP Award

Essential Energy has embarked on a whole-of-business asset management focussed business transformation with ambitious targets which, when met, will enable Essential Energy to meet net zero and rapidly evolving industry challenges. This project involved the uplift of Essential Energy’s capabilities to create 14 network strategies, 26 asset class strategies and 7 implementation strategies to create line of sight and build quantitative risk models to provide real reductions in customers' distribution network charges while maintaining the current levels of network risk. The project is creating a step change in capabilities to enable the implementation of risk-based asset management approaches.


  •  Melbourne Water / AECOM, Managing the Social Value (amenity) provided by waterways – Winner, Asset Management Environmental/Social Award

Waterway amenity is measured by the often-intangible user experience of the asset, making it challenging to define asset performance in comparison to traditionally built assets. However, like traditional assets, management of waterways requires a clear articulation of the value gained from investment in maintenance and renewal activities, which is not possible unless their performance objectives can be defined and linked to tangible, measurable outcomes. To solve this, Melbourne Water’s asset management framework was adapted to waterways, focusing on defining service and technical objectives of amenity, developing measures and targets to monitor performance and inform evidence-based decisions for ongoing management.



  •  TransGrid, Distributed Acoustic Sensing – Winner, Asset Management Safety Award

    TransGrid manages a high voltage power transmission network consisting of 112 substations, over 13,000 km of transmission lines, and 84 km of underground cables. External interference is a major threat to the continuity of high voltage cable installations and to alleviate this threat TransGrid has installed Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) on an underground cable.Cable corridor monitoring using DAS provides 24x7 monitoring of the total length of the cable with that helps identify unauthorised adjacent activity.

    This innovative system has achieved benefits for its stakeholders, including stakeholders and the public, by reducing risks to electricity supply and public safety while at the same time reducing the costs.


  • AECOM, Success enabled by Diversity: Our Asset Management Team – Winner, Asset Management Diversity Award

    AECOM’s Strategic Asset Management and Advanced Materials (SAM&AM) team is led by Dr Frédéric Blin, who has displayed a strong commitment to developing a unique talent pool. The team consists of 18 individuals, varied in education, race, cultural background, age, and gender, and have contributed to some of Victoria’s most significant projects. Female composition is 63% overall workforce, 62% senior management, and 67-100% graduates.

    Team members speak multiple languages, including French, Mandarin, and Greek, with many having worked globally, including France, Hong Kong, China, and Iran. Individuals are specialised in Asset Management, Materials, Chemical, Civil, Electrical, and Mechanical Engineering.


The Asset Management Council would like to congratulate the above-named winners. We also wish to sincerely thank each of the finalists in the Asset Management Excellence Awards 2021 for the time and attention taken to produce your submission.

We also particularly thank our panel of judges who spent much time deliberating over the entries in each category.

Re-watch the Asset Management 2021 Awards for Excellence video below: