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This year's program features...

  •  Internationals speakers from
    • The United States
    • Malaysia
    • Ireland
    • South Africa
    • Indonesia
    • Canada
  • Technical content on
    • Asset Management Planning
    • Life Cycle, Maturity, & Performance Analysis
    • ISO 5500X
    • Master Data
    • Financing
    • Leadership & Culture
  • High-profile Keynote speakers such as
    • Danny Elia – Executive Director, Global Asset Management. IFM Investors
    • Brett Abraham – Manager Business Development and Technical Services. Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand
    • Kristian Mead – Principal Analyst. NSW Treasury
    • Ian Maxted – Chief Development Officer. Transfield Services
    • Thomas W. Smith MS – Program Director. University of Wisconsin-Madison

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Dear _________,

Our work in asset management is often isolating, without exposure to a variety of points of view, and we can miss new ideas or trends that impact future results. To avoid this, there is a considerable-and-growing body of knowledge in asset management that is available through different channels. One such channel is the upcoming AMPEAK conference. If you allow me to attend, the AMPEAK conference will expose our organization to new ways of conducting business, help us discover how to be more efficient and productive, and allow our brand to be represented at the forefront of the asset management industry.

From case studies within our own and other industries to presentations on the emerging technologies that make our jobs simpler, AMPEAK will allow me to benchmark our approach and standards in asset management against our peers, competitors and suppliers. The the knowledge gained will better position us understand where changes can be implemented, what technologies can be used, and how to continuously improve our organization.

In addition, some of the best mentors in the asset management industry will be attending AMPEAK. By associating with these asset management professionals, exhibitors and academics, our organization will connect with companies across state and international borders. By making these connections, I can discover innovative products and services for our business that is necessary to stay competitive in today's fast-paced world. Also, by being a visible presence at the conference, our organization will be represented as a key thinker and practitioner in the asset management industry.

In conclusion, the investment of time is small, but the return on that investment is significant. I will gain new knowledge, make contact with and learn from peers and competitors facing similar challenges, spend time testing our approaches against those in other industries, learn about the technologies emerging to support asset management decisions, and best of all, will represent our brand as a strong and prominent manager of asset infrastructure.

I recommend that we attend AMPEAK, and afterwards, use the new knowledge and information to improve our asset management practices and procedures.

Thank you for your consideration,