If your organisation is considering certification under ISO 55001 in the near future, it is pertinent you read further.
Recently, various organizations have acquired certification for ISO 55001 without following the necessary procedures to be certified. The result is that these organizations' ISO 55001 certifications do not have recognition from governing bodies in asset management (ISO & JAS-ANZ) as being certified under ISO 55001 and may not be compliant with the standards published in ISO 55001.

If you are hoping to attain accredited ISO 55001 certification in Australia, the body certifying your organisation must be an accredited CAB (Certified Accreditation Body) as determined by JAS-ANZ (Joint Accreditation Services – Australia New Zealand). To identify whether your certifying body is an accredited CAB in Australia, please view this link for a list of CABs: http://www.jas-anz.com.au/accredited-bodies/all .
To further ensure your CAB is complaint with ISO 55001 and JAS-ANZ's standards, it is in your best interest to ask the following questions before starting or paying for certification:

  1. Are you accredited by JAS-ANZ to certify for Asset Management Systems under ISO55001?
  2. Will my certificate have the JAS-ANZ logo on it? (see below)


If the answer is “no” to either of these questions, then the certification body is not an accredited source for certification under ISO 55001 and your certification will not be recognized by governing bodies, nor will it conform to the international standards for ISO 55001 certification.
We hope that this email better informed you about the ways in which your organisation may attain proper certification for ISO 55001. If you have any questions, please feel free to email the Asset Management Council at publications@amcouncil.com.au or contact our office on 03 9819 2515.